Vedic Aura Energy
What is Vedic Aura Energy?
Aura is composed of an energetic field which comprises of visible light
Geopathic Stress
What is Geopathic Stress ?
The Earth Radiations that harms the Human is called Geopathic Stress.

A remedy is nothing but balancing a negative energy with Positive energy of equal measure.
Vedic Astrology

Astrology is a Hellenic word. It is a composite word from Astron (Star) and Logos (Analogy).
Divine Vastu

Divine Vastu believes that the living beings and their environment have an interaction with metaphysical energies. As such, Vastu aims to harmonies these living environments with cosmos like gravitation, electromagnetic and supernatural.

Vastu helps in maintaining harmony with the pachtatva. The architecture, design, structure etc. of a building such as home, factory, office etc. generates a field around itself.
This divine field attracts both negative and positive energies from the cosmos and panchtatva. Vastu aims at controlling these energies. It helps in enhancing positive energies at home and office for prosperity, wealth and success.