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Vastu and Astrology are inter-dependent and inter-related. Vastu is an integral part of Vedic Astrology(Jyotisha). The 4th house in a horoscope has reference to the kind of house, property and inheritence a person is likely to get in his lifetime. While Jyotisha is Vedanga(limb of Vedas), Vastu is said to be an upveda or a minor veda. Position of planets in a particular horoscope, balance of dasha and transit of planets excercise an effective and definite control on the events in the life of an individual.

Similarly a house built on a particular plot has direct corelation with the electromagnetic forces and gravitational fields of earth. Understanding of these forces and energy fields to obtain the harmonious balance is the basic philosophy of Vastu Shastra. But Vastu changes and modifications cannot take precedence over astrological indications. Being a part of Astrology the planetary forces have a bearing on Vastu.
Vedic Aura Energy
What is Vedic Aura Energy?
Aura is composed of an energetic field which comprises of visible light
Geopathic Stress
What is Geopathic Stress ?
The Earth Radiations that harms the Human is called Geopathic Stress.

A remedy is nothing but balancing a negative energy with Positive energy of equal measure.
Vedic Astrology

Astrology is a Hellenic word. It is a composite word from Astron (Star) and Logos (Analogy).